Young Engineers South West Sydney

The Mission

To deliver Innovative, Stimulating, Challenging and Fun projects that challenge the mind and abilities of todays kids and help them become tomorrows leaders.

We do this by making education

Fun and Entertaining

something we like to call


At Young Engineers our approach to learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) nurtures young people’s curiosity of learning! It also encourages independence by creating a particular focus on helping our young people to understand the basic pillars of STEM through the use  LEGO® bricks.

We encourage young people to push individual boundaries to help them achieve above and beyond what they think they are limited to.  Young Engineers will teach and support their STEM skill development so that your children have a better understanding of science, 

technology, engineering and mathematics by grasping difficult concepts in a more seamless and natural way that will benefit them as they continue their STEM development.

STEM is vitally important to the development of your children’s’ skill set, especially in today’s fast-paced world, where STEM are fundamental skills in many different professions. By incorporating STEM at an early age we will provide our young people with a definite edge in life and will assist them to pursue their passion, their vision and their success.  Young Engineers will teach and support your child, young person or student to BUILD YOUR TOMORROW. TODAY.